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University & Innovation District EIR

HELIX managed the preparation of various environmental technical studies and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation, as well as provided input to the development of a Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plan that would direct the implementation of a University and Innovation District (UID) within the Otay Ranch and Eastlake III neighborhoods in the City of Chula Vista. The UID features a mix of academic/university uses with commercial, retail, residential, and recreation uses to accommodate 20,000 full-time equivalent students and 6,000 university and faculty staff. The UID is envisioned as a different approach to a traditional university by integrating the campus with a contemporary town center (e.g., pedestrian-friendly streets and multi-use buildings with retail at street level). The 385-acre university site is located south of Hunte Parkway within the Otay Ranch and Eastlake III General Development Plan areas. HELIX conducted and managed technical studies for air quality and greenhouse gases, biological resources, cultural resources, hazardous materials, geotechnical hazards, hydrology/drainage/water quality, noise, and traffic. In addition, a water supply assessment, fire protection plan, public facilities financing plan, and a sewer study was prepared by others to support the EIR which was certified by the Chula Vista City Council in 2018. Work performed for the City of Chula Vista.