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Why work for HELIX?  It’s simple. We prioritize our employees. We have been an employee-owned firm since 2004, providing employees with a vested interest in the firm’s success through our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Employee wellbeing is consistently at the top of our annual strategic goals and we’re continually seeking ways to improve our team’s experience at HELIX. We operate in a casual, team-oriented work environment, that fosters openness, support, and respect. We share high standards for integrity which results in high-quality products and services for our clients. We value creativity, knowledge, and innovation and we are committed to the development of our staff. As a mid-sized and employee-owned consulting firm, we are large enough to work on a wide range of interesting projects, yet small enough to understand and recognize the importance and merit of each person. We work hard, we play hard, and we give back to our community – and we’re excited to meet you!

We invite you to learn more about life at HELIX and what our employees have to say, get a glance at our competitive benefits package, and discover the exciting career opportunities that await you!

HELIX is an Equal Opportunity Employer

We fully support the principles of affirmative action and non-discrimination. We believe in freedom of opportunity for every individual – including minorities, females, veterans, and disabled persons – to work at a job for which he or she qualifies, based on merit, and we encourage all to apply.