Biological Resource Studies


HELIX Environmental Planning has completed biological studies and environmental documents ranging from small development projects to large-scale specific plans and resource planning efforts. Our biologists regularly work with both the public and private sectors on monitoring and surveying development-related projects, including large and small-scale housing and commercial developments; military bases; road, highway, and other civil projects; pipeline and power line alignment studies; and parks and recreation facilities.

Smart, Flexible Solutions

HELIX is well-known for solving complex biology and permitting issues for our clients. Biology-related challenges are often the most complex entitlement issues that can drive project design and agency approvals. To address these complexities and meet agency requirements, we work closely with clients to tailor services, minimize costs, and streamline schedules. At the beginning of projects, HELIX provides due diligence services that often are comprised of just a simple field visit and phone call or brief memorandum to inform the client of potential issues that would be associated with development. HELIX has provided due diligence on thousands of projects.

Comprehensive Services

HELIX’s natural resource management services include:

These services are complemented with an in-house team providing dedicated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services.

Featured Projects
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