Solid Waste & Landfills


The ideal locations for landfills also often support sensitive natural and cultural resources. In addition, landfills can impact adjacent communities through traffic, noise, odors, aesthetics, greenhouse gas emissions, and other factors. Faced with these challenges, landfill proponents must address environmental and community impacts, while also potentially dealing with local opposition. With the scarcity of space, high cost of land, and the complex environmental regulations facing this industry, it is critical to find innovative approaches to managing solid waste and landfill projects.

Viable Alternatives for Long-term Sustainability

HELIX Environmental Planning works with clients early in the due diligence and design phases to identify environmental constraints and opportunities. HELIX is known for complex problem solving, especially for finding solutions to regulatory issues. We recommend viable alternatives that lead to long-term sustainability, including transforming landfill space into a more enjoyable and attractive asset to the community wherever possible. From preliminary environmental assessments, to biological surveys and the restoration of open space, we provide a full range of services for solid waste and landfill projects. We also manage resource-oriented permit processes and mitigation program planning efforts for projects under the jurisdiction of numerous local, state and federal agencies.


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