Private Development


Land development in California is complex and often controversial, with intense public interest and a multitude of local, state, and federal regulations impacting every step. Serving as an expert guide to the private development industry for more than 30 years and working closely with a variety of agencies, HELIX has become a trusted partner for environmental compliance and sustainable development. We have the necessary team in place to guide projects through all of the environmental requirements – from initial planning to final sign-off – offering innovative and fresh approaches along the way to ensure a project is feasible.

From Concept through Construction

From large-scale residential, commercial, and mixed-used projects to research and development, and industrial land use projects, HELIX is often involved with the development of a site from its conception through construction. We understand the environmental impacts associated with land development and have also developed a portfolio of mitigation measures to reduce these environmental impacts, including roadway modifications to accommodate traffic, utilizing site design and noise barriers to reduce stationary-source noise impacts on nearby noise sensitive uses, and incorporating building design and habitat restoration techniques to reduce land use compatibility impacts. We specialize in due diligence and cost-effective permitting strategies as well as legally defensible documents.

Guiding You through Every Phase, to Project Sign-off

PrivateDevelopment_Residential_HabitatRestoration_SanteeHELIX specializes in private sector development projects in compliance with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA); as well as technical analyses associated with biological resources, cultural resources, air quality and greenhouse gases, acoustics, visual impact assessments; plus environmental permitting, construction monitoring, and habitat restoration, implementation, and maintenance. We work with clients throughout the planning, design, and implementation phases of a project to ensure a seamless transition between each step and successful completion of each project.

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