Water Resources


Vital to life as well as every economic sector, water is our most valuable and yet ever-fragile resource. As populations grow and concerns regarding drought and climate variability continue to increase, ensuring the availability of safe and reliable water becomes an even greater challenge. The depletion of groundwater reserves and tightening regulation of pollutants in urban runoff and storm water, combined with aging infrastructure in an era of doing “more with less,” requires innovative and efficient solutions to serve our communities for years to come.


HELIX Environmental Planning has extensive expertise and a proven track record helping water districts, municipal water departments, and other public agency and utility clients successfully navigate environmental compliance requirements for water resource, wastewater, and storm water projects. We have worked on hundreds of water infrastructure and management projects – many under long-term on-call contracts – including water storage/reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, pipelines, groundwater extraction/ replenishment, wells, outfall construction, canal lining, drainage infrastructure, and emergency repairs.

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