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UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center Bed Tower, Thornton Hospital

UCSD BedTowerHELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) prepared the Initial Study (IS), Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and technical studies for a 480,000 GSF proposed bed tower on 9.5 acres at the existing Thornton Hospital complex on the UC San Diego East Campus in La Jolla. The project also included 64,000 GSF of interior renovations to the existing hospital, a helipad, a 36,000-GSF new central utility plant, access driveways and surface parking areas, loading dock expansion, and demolition of a portion of an existing roadway. This high-profile project, located along the I- 5 corridor, was the object of community concern regarding traffic and circulation, visual effects, and biological resources. In addition, the project was processed on a fast track, and the entire EIR process was completed in less than 14 months, including a 13-day turnaround between the close of the public review period for the Draft EIR and completion of the Final EIR, which included preparation of responses to 10 letters of comment and CEQA Findings/Statement of Overriding Considerations (SOCs). Technical studies prepared by the HELIX team included traffic, noise, air quality/greenhouse gas (GHG), and biological resources. HELIX also conducted wetland permitting, habitat installation /monitoring, and construction monitoring.