Tijuana River Valley Regional Park Habitat Restoration Update

      November 11, 2015


11_11_15The County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department announced last week through a press release that efforts to preserve local habitats in the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park are being balanced with efforts to improve and expand trail access.


The more than 1,800-acre Tijuana River Valley Regional Park features 22.5 miles of multi-use non-motorized trails winding through diverse habitat ranging from dense riparian forest to maritime sage scrub. It is home to approximately two dozen sensitive species with more than 340 bird species being spotted here, according to the Department of Parks and Recreation.


HELIX has prepared and is now implementing several habitat restoration plans for this area, and was also involved with updating maps for the formal trail system and corresponding trail revegetation. Active restoration projects include the 7.2-acre Monument Mesa, 2.6-acre Butterfly Gardens, 12.4-acre Baseball Fields, and the 13-acre Southwest Trails restoration sites.


For more information visit the County of San Diego Tijuana River Valley Regional Park webpage.