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The Regent on Fifth Waste Management Plan

Regent On 5th WMPHELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) prepared a waste management plan for a residential development project at the corner of 5th Avenue and Maple Street in the Bankers Hill area of the City of San Diego. The project proposed a Process Four Site Development Permit and a Vesting Tentative Map to allow demolition of an existing restaurant and development of an 11-story, 125-foot-high, 124,255-SF residential building providing 37 dwelling units and approximately 3,000-SF of ground floor common area. The development included lobby/reception areas, a 1,874-SF fitness room, landscaped areas, support facilities, and a two-level above-ground parking garage with 74 spaces. In preparing the site for construction, the project required demolition and removal of the existing 5,107-SF restaurant building, parking lot, curbs, and sidewalks; vegetation removal; and site grading. Some existing structures, including a historic bed-and-breakfast and another commercial space, remained. In the waste management plan, HELIX identified the quantity of solid waste that would be generated by the project and measures to reduce the potential impacts associated with management of such waste, pursuant to the City of San Diego’s waste reduction ordinances and the waste diversion goals established in State AB 341. The project was determined to exceed the 75 percent solid waste diversion rate goal for waste produced during demolition and construction phases by achieving 92 percent and 81 percent diversion rates, respectively, and would implement sustainability and efficiency measures to further reduce waste generated during operations.

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