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The Preserve at District56

The Preserve at District56, located in the City of Elk Grove’s 56-acre civic center complex (District56), is an approximately 30-acre park developed as a community gathering space to celebrate and preserve nature and history. HELIX finalized the conceptual plan previously prepared by others, facilitated public outreach, prepared construction documents, and provided construction administration services. The Preserve centers around the conversion of a seasonal marsh to a 4.5-acre perennial pond. North of the pond features active park amenities including a custom-designed play area, event lawn, picnic shelter, fitness court, and picnic overlook. South of the pond is a more passive natural environment with additional walking and biking trails, native grassland restoration with artificial burrows for burrowing owls, oak tree mitigation, interpretive signs, and the preservation of a historic silo and pistachio orchard. The project also included the completion of portions of the northern half of the site, including parking lot expansions, infrastructure for a new solar array, and renovations for the City’s holiday tree.

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