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Public/Private Venture Housing at Naval Base Ventura County

Naval Base Housing_Point MuguHELIX Environmental Planning prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) pertaining to the implementation of a public/private venture housing privatization program at Naval Base Ventura County Point Mugu, located in Ventura County. Under the proposed action, the Navy would privatize an additional 226 homes at NBVC Point Mugu. This EA included the transfer of the former Gas Mask Training Area (GMTA) as part of the proposed action. The Navy would grant a ground lease of the proposed premises and transfer the ownership of the improvements to the public/private venture entity. The public/private venture would demolish, renovate, construct, own, operate and maintain the selected military family housing.

One year later, HELIX prepared a Supplemental EA which eliminated the transfer of the former GMTA to the public/private venture entity. Military family housing units on that land would not be transferred to the public/private venture entity. Instead, a total of 102 military family housing units within this area would be demolished by the Navy. The project included renovation of 77 units and construction of five new Senior Officer Quarters (SOQ) homes within the premises leased to the public/private venture entity and demolition of up to 150 existing homes, including 102 by the Department of Navy and the remainder by the public/private venture entity.

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