Loomis Town Center

Loomis Town CenterHELIX staff completed the landscape architecture design for Taylor Road from Horseshoe Bar Road to Shawn Way in downtown Loomis. The project includes frontage landscape and pedestrian walkways, bike lanes, landscaped medians, decorative street lighting, decorative crosswalks, and parking spaces. Plans, specifications, and cost estimates were prepared. Technical specifications were prepared based on Town and Caltrans standards. HELIX assisted with public outreach through meetings with stakeholders, local businesses, Town Council, and the community. We also provided construction assistance services.

As part of the redevelopment HELIX’s arborists and landscape architects assessed the suitability of existing trees to remain in the new streetscape. The included an examination of root and canopy health and their relation to existing buildings. The results of the assessment were integrated into the landscape plans, which also included tree preservation requirements and various design measures to improve the growing conditions for the trees to remain. Due to business owner concerns for the maturing trees and selection of replacement trees, HELIX conducted a public meeting for community stakeholders to discuss street tree species desired within the corridor.