It’s Time to Schedule Sensitive Species Surveys for 2019!

      January 31, 2019



HELIX Environmental Planning’s team of over 40 biologists is kicking off the sensitive plant and animal spring survey season. This year’s abundant rain is resulting in impressive plant growth, and likely a good year for surveying. Our staff, located throughout California, holds federal and state authorizations that qualify HELIX biologists to conduct a wide variety of focused species surveys.  We provide expertise to our clients in all aspects of biological consulting, including focused species surveys, biological studies, jurisdictional delineations, regulatory permitting, construction monitoring, and habitat restoration.


To ensure your project stays on track, contact Shelby Howard, Biology Division Manager, at 619-462-1515 or to determine which surveys are required and when they should be conducted so you can avoid costly delays.

HELIX surveys for sensitive species including:

Quino checkerspot butterfly

Coastal California gnatcatcher

Valley elderberry longhorn beetle

California red-legged frog

Burrowing owl

California tiger salamander

Rare plants (e.g., Brodiaea)

Giant garter snake

Arroyo toad

Foothill yellow-legged frog

Swainson’s hawk

Western spadefoot

Southwestern willow flycatcher

Blunt-noted leopard lizard

Least Bell’s vireo

Flat-tailed horned lizard

Western pond turtle

San Joaquin kit fox

Northern goshawk

California spotted owl