It’s Time for Wet Season Fairy Shrimp Surveys

      November 13, 2014


07_01_15Don’t forget to schedule your wet season fairy shrimp survey. If vernal pools or ephemeral basins exist on your project site, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) protocol requires that a complete fairy shrimp survey be conducted.  The fairy shrimp survey is required to span two seasons: either two wet seasons, or one wet season and one dry season.  Caught off-guard, this has the potential to slow down your project.  Scheduling your wet season sampling in the same year as dry season sampling can expedite the process by completing the USFWS protocol ahead of schedule, keeping your project on track and in compliance.

For more information or to schedule your wet season fairy shrimp survey, please contact Tom Huffman, Biological Services Division Manager, at 619.462.1515 or