HELIX CEO Michael Schwerin Interviewed by The Zweig Letter

      February 21, 2017


In early 2017, HELIX Chief Executive Officer, Michael Schwerin was interviewed by The Zweig Letter reporter, Liisa Andreassen.  Below is an excerpt from the article:


“In 2001, Michael Schwerin started as an assistant environmental planning group manager with HELIX (#4 Best Firm Environmental for 2016, Zweig Group) a 120-person firm based in La Mesa, California. Over time, his management responsibilities increased, and he went from assistant group manager to group manager to vice president. In 2008, the firm’s founder and first generation CEO retired. By that point, an internal ownership transition via an employee stock ownership plan was in place and he was selected from a final pool of internal and external CEO candidates. With plenty of years of leadership under his belt, Schwerin reflects on how the firm has grown since 2001, both geographically and in terms of service diversification.”

Read the full article from the February 16, 2017 edition of The Zweig Letter.