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Former Navy Training Center Landfill Remediation at San Diego International Airport

SD airport NTC remediationHELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that evaluated the remediation of the former Naval Training Center (NTC) landfill, located on Port Tidelands within the boundaries of San Diego International Airport in the City of San Diego. The U.S. Marine Corps operated a municipal landfill on the site between 1950 and 1971, during which time burned ash and municipal solid waste (MSW) were deposited on the site. The EIR addressed the following actions: remove and stockpile approximately 163,000 cubic yards (cy) of surface/overburden soil; remove approximately 112,000 cy of MSW (consisting of household trash and debris) for disposal at landfill facilities located in San Diego County, including the Miramar, Otay, and Sycamore Canyon landfills; remove approximately 25,000 cy of burned ash material and transport it to regulated landfills in California, Arizona, and Nevada; remove and dispose approximately 38,000 cy of additional soil to a depth of one foot below the limits of the MSW and burned ash materials; import a maximum of 100,000 cy of fill to backfill the excavated area; and replace stockpiled surface/overburden soil in the excavated area to prepare the site for future airport uses. In addition, the EIR had to address how landfill remediation would avoid adversely affecting two large-diameter City of San Diego sewer lines located below the former NTC landfill site: North Metro Interceptors 1 and 2. The EIR was prepared on an accelerated timeline—ten months from project kickoff to a filed Notice of Determination—because landfill remediation needed to be completed prior to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s construction of its Terminal 1 expansion project.

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