City of San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update and PEIR Receives APA Award

      May 8, 2015


2517_604329162913124_288078549_nHELIX’s work on the City of San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) was recognized with a 2015 Transportation Planning Award by the San Diego Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA). The update to the existing Bicycle Master Plan more than doubled the number of miles of bicycle facilities and increased the total length of bicycle facilities to 1,090 miles. The update also enhanced bicycle support facilities, such as bicycle parking and storage, as well as promoted education and awareness of bicycling opportunities in the City. HELIX worked closely with City staff to create an approach to the PEIR that was tailored to minimize the cost of the document, due to limited funding, while at the same time maximize the utility of the PEIR for the future implementation of the bicycle facilities.