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California/Scripps Proton Treatment Center Vibration Measurement for MRI System

Scripps Proton Treatment CenterHELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) provided initial building construction planning including noise control for a physician’s office from jet overpass noise from MCAS Miramar and reverberation planning for the large atrium entranceway to the building. Post construction vibration measurement services were provided to Signet Enterprises, California Proton Treatment Center (now Scripps Proton Treatment Center) in the City of San Diego for the installation of a high resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. HELIX measured ambient/normal vibration levels of the newly constructed facility and compared with the manufacturer’s allowable levels to determine suitability of the installation location for the MRI system. Data was analyzed and a vibration measurement report with accompanying graphical data summary was produced demonstrating the slab vibration compared to the manufacturer’s specifications to assist the client with the appropriate mounting vibration isolation systems.

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