Shelby Howard

Shelby Howard

Biology Division Manager & Board Director


Shelby’s fascination with biology was sparked in a 7th grade biology class and remains steadfast to this day. His early studies included terrestrial, freshwater, and marine biology and conservation, and he eventually focused on terrestrial biology after becoming involved in southwestern willow flycatcher surveys.


Shelby has extensive experience with a wide variety of biological surveys, jurisdictional delineations, wetland permitting, habitat restoration, environmental compliance monitoring, and technical analyses and reporting. Over the course of his career, Shelby has managed environmental projects of all sizes, from several hundred square feet to regional infrastructure and planning projects. Much of his experience is related to water and energy projects throughout California, but also includes public and private development, transportation, and military projects.


Shelby believes in the power of a strong work ethic, and is well-known for his professionalism and commitment to high client satisfaction. As a result, he has flourished at HELIX, rising from entry-level biologist to manager of the Biology Division.


Born and raised in Texas, Shelby earned his bachelor‘s degree in biology at his home town’s University of Texas El Paso. He also holds a master’s degree in biology from San Diego State University. In his spare time, Shelby hikes and camps with his family, and helps to coach his daughter’s soccer and softball teams.


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