Justin Fischbeck

Headshot of Justin FischbeckJustin Fischbeck

Construction Group President & Board Director


As our incoming Chief Operating Officer, Justin brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, having participated in the evolution of HELIX from a fledgling consulting firm to a leading California-wide provider of comprehensive environmental services. Arriving at HELIX as an intern, he embraced the mentoring received from colleagues, and became involved in an expansive array of activities. Justin’s strategic vision mirrors that of the overall organization: commitment to high-quality work while always aiming to do things just a little better than the last time. This vision has helped propel him through a successful career.


Justin served in various capacities at HELIX, including habitat restoration supervisor, estimator, and vice president, before taking over as president of the firm’s Construction Group in 2008. Justin’s entrepreneurial spirit to forge new paths and his desire to create healthy ecological environments that would continue to have an impact long into the future, led to the establishment of HELIX’s thriving habitat restoration service line.


One of the true joys of Justin’s long tenure at HELIX has been to work alongside a wonderful team and to help develop the next generation of leaders. In his new role, he will more closely collaborate with the firm’s technical experts to expand and enrich all of firm's service lines, while looking for that next great idea to help HELIX continue to thrive and succeed.


Justin holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, San Diego. He is a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) and the Responsible Managing Officer for HELIX’s A-General Engineering and C-27 Landscaping licenses.


You can reach Justin at JustinF@helixepi.com.