COVID Update

Employee Joanne Dramko in HELIX office in La MesaWe reopened our physical offices across California on July 6, 2021. Continuing to follow state, local, and federal guidelines in response to the pandemic, and with policies that promote the safety of our employees, clients, and business partners, we greatly look forward to reestablishing a sense of regularity and reconnecting with our professional family.


As the coronavirus continues to impact the communities in which we live and work, we want you to be aware of the steps that we have taken to promote the safety of our employees, clients, and business partners, and to ensure the business continuity of our operations for responsive and high-quality service to our clients.


While HELIX offices are fully reopened, we continue to have some staff working on a part-time or full-time basis from their home offices under our telework policy to support personal situations, employee wellbeing, and environmental stewardship. Our technology infrastructure allows for an immediate and seamless transition between working from our business locations and working from any other remote location, to include home offices. All telework staff have access to our network and files, email, and phone messages as they normally would in a HELIX office. We also utilize a variety of cloud-based file-sharing, online conferencing, collaboration, and remote access tools that have allowed us to continue to work closely together in a virtual space. We take advantage of video teleconferencing to ensure continued collaboration both internally and also with our clients. Our main phone lines continue to be staffed during normal business hours, so we can be reached by the same means to which our clients and business partners are accustomed. Our field survey, habitat maintenance, and construction monitoring crews are continuing their outdoor services following all safety protocols.


Following the guidance and protocols of our robust COVID Response Plan, we continue to swiftly act on changing CDC, state, and local guidelines while working at HELIX facilities and on project sites, and to carefully support the safe reopening of our facilities. We maintain preventative workplace habits to mitigate transmission of the virus and staff are also trained on safety protocols for responding to potential exposure events.


While we recognize that this still isn’t “business as usual” we celebrate this progress. We also continue to monitor events closely and be adaptable to protect the safety of our employees, business partners, and clients. We are here if you need us, and we send our best to you, your teams, and your families.