About Us

NorCal_GeneralHELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) is a leader in environmental consulting and natural resource sustainability. Established in 1991 and with offices in San Diego, Sacramento, Orange, and Riverside counties, HELIX provides a broad range of environmental and design services throughout California and the western United States.


HELIX has extensive experience helping public and private clients comply with environmental laws and regulations, manage natural and cultural resources, and design and construct sustainable projects. Our wholly owned subsidiary, HELIX Environmental Construction Group, specializes in habitat restoration and the installation and maintenance of native habitat.


Commitment to our clients, creative problem solving, and high-quality work products are the hallmarks of HELIX’s success. Many clients, as a measure of their confidence, bring their largest, most sensitive and controversial projects to HELIX.


The primary services we provide include:

The primary sectors in which we work include: