Parks & Open Space


Parks and open space provide a unique opportunity to enhance our communities and connect us with nature. This interface with the natural environment provides a myriad of benefits, especially with increased urban development, but also the potential for unintended environmental impacts. In an era of declining budgets and funding, managers of parks and open spaces need efficient solutions and expert guidance as they aim to balance the recreational needs of a community with the needs of the environment.


From natural resource management plans to habitat restoration plans, HELIX works with park and recreation staff as well as land managers to efficiently and effectively manage natural resources and preserve open spaces. This has included the mapping of sensitive plant and animal species as well as trail revegetation, invasive species removal, and the installation of native plants. We help clients restore open spaces to their rich, native conditions as well as enhance parks to incorporate plans and practices that promote sustainability and alleviate future environmental and maintenance issues. HELIX also works with park designers and managers to ensure that impacts and issues unique to recreational areas in urban settings (such as noise, lighting and traffic) are minimized and addressed through the environmental review process.


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