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Gateway Station West Transit Oriented Development

Gateway DAT-02HELIX Environmental Planning (HELIX) managed the CEQA process and prepared a Supplemental EIR (SEIR) for this large-scale residential project in the City of Newark. Additionally, HELIX conducted technical studies for biological resources, air quality/greenhouse gas (GHG), noise, and visual resources. The project site includes approximately 54.5 acres within the 205-acre Dumbarton Transit-Oriented Development Specific Plan Area, with proposed development encompassing 589 residential units (including 321 single-family and 268 multi-family units) on approximately 41 acres, as well as approximately 13.5 acres of dedicated biological open space. Additional proposed facilities within the 41-acre development area include public/private roadways, parks, on- and off-street parking, drainage/water quality features, paseos/walkways, landscaping, and trails (including a candidate segment of the San Francisco Bay Trail). The project site has been used previously for industrial operations, with key issues including hazardous material/waste occurrence and remediation, water quality, biological resources, and traffic. The project is also subject to the jurisdictions of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Army Corps of Engineers and Regional Water Quality Control Board with HELIX having a major role in the related permitting processes.